Bring your teams closer with a shared vision of each client.

Integrate shared data for every department in the company, from sales and customer service, to IT and data.

Customer 360

Use the power of data to improve your business.

With Salesforce Customer 360 your teams share data more efficiently, being more assertive in customer service and understanding all needs from end to end.

One platform.
Many possibilities.

Customer 360 is the No. 1 customer relationship management platform (CRM). From lead conversion to post-sale customer retention, we have the perfect app for every step of the customer journey.

The more apps you integrate, the more benefits you get. By integrating your data and using our big data and analytics resources, you will see all the magic of Customer 360 in action.
Customer 360

Include all your data in a team hug.

The more you know, the better you grow. Customer 360 provides for all of your employees the ability
to access strategic data and make better and faster decisions.


Mulesoft integrates all your data, inside and outside your CRM.

Einstein AI

Einstein AI automates tasks and provides suggestions for next actions.


Datorama connects all your data, insights and teams to drive your growth

See the world through your customer’s eyes.
Get and share a unified view of your customers. Knowing their history, preferences and even their frustrations, you can start offering solutions tailored to the needs of the public, elevating your brand concept and the customer experience.

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