Power your marketing strategies.

With Salesforce's Marketing and Data tools, you can drive relationship, automation and data intelligence strategies to deliver a unique message according to your customer journey.


Create custom campaigns

From email marketing to the complete journey, personalize and strengthen your 1-1 relationship with your customer!


Design smart journeys

Use numbers to understand people, interact and pay attention to feedback while delivering good experiences to your customers.


Segment your audience

View, monitor and manage customer experiences in real time.


Keep everything in one place

With Datorama you can integrate your data and connect it with artificial intelligence to generate insights and optimizations in your campaigns.


View reports based on ROI

With Datorama, you can create dashboards with detailed KPIs, performance trends, campaign analysis and more.


Watch your results

Optimize your leads, conversion and pipeline growth with unified reports and insights.

Salesforce Products


Marketing Cloud

With Marketing Cloud you can lead relationship, automation and data intelligence strategies to deliver an unified message according to your consumer's whole journey.



Use one platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs and decisions.


Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 brings your teams together with a shared vision of each customer, so they can meet the most complex requirements working from anywhere.

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