Connect spreadsheets, automate your work

Get all your spreadsheet data integrated with Sheetgo, the collaborative data transfer tool that supports Google Sheets, Excel, CSV and TSV.


If you can use a spreadsheet,
you can use Sheetgo.


From inventory management and financial forecasting, to school administration and sales tracking, Sheetgo is used by teams large and small in more than 70 countries.

Sheetgo is a no-code automation tool for spreadsheets. Build custom workflows to collect, manage, and share data with your team automatically.

Push and pull data between Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, and TSV files to share data without sharing your spreadsheet. Combine multiple files into one, or send filtered information to reports and dashboards.

For managers:

For managers

For administrators:

For administrators

For analysts:

For analysts

Why Sheetgo?

Many of us now spend more time managing our data than analyzing it. Copy-pasting, sharing files,
searching for figures, preparing reports…

Sheetgo does all of this manual work for you. And by connecting spreadsheets in a Sheetgo workflow, you can automate any part of your business, without coding skills or any new software.

Watch your data
move like magic


Filter and move only
the data you want


Prepare data for
dashboards and reports

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